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Farthingstone Foot Fest 2024:

FFF 2024 is on! The date is Saturday 1st June 2024 and the booking system is now open (see below). For updated information on the event please click here and for conditions of entry please click here.

We look forward to seeing you!

How to enrol for 'FFF' 2024:

Advance registration is only available through our automated online system. Please click here for the link.

Once the entry form is completed and submitted, you will receive an automated Email confirming your entry and related actions (do remember to enter your Email in the booking system!).

Please note that our automated system will close at 6pm on the Thursday before the event. There will be a limit of 150 entrants so please check here to see there is still space if you want to turn up and register on the day.

Previous FFF Saturday 18 June 2022:

Thank you to all those who took part and inspired us all. And of course thank you to all the volunteers who made it happen.

Farthingstone Foot Fest: how it started:

The Farthingstone Foot Fest was created to raise money for the Farthingstone community to help provide funding for activities other than for the general requirements of the main establishments.

Farthingstone, in common with many small villages, enjoys a number of local amenities especially: St Mary's Church, the Baptist Chapel, the Joy Mead gardens and the Village Hall. Most fund-raising activities had, through necessity, concentrated on raising money for essential maintenance programmes but because of this, many other desirable pursuits were unable to be achieved through lack of funds.

In addition to the amenities already mentioned, Farthingstone is also graced by being surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Northamptonshire. An opportunity to make the most of this was recognised and the Farthingstone Foot Fest (FFF) was devised as an event for both runners and walkers of all age groups to take part.

The Farthingstone Foot Fest Course:

Starting and finishing at the Village Hall in Farthingstone, the FFF covers a full 26 mile Marathon distance which is a challenging (there are a lot of stiles together with a number of kissing gates and other obstacles) figure of eight route through our immediately adjacent, wonderful, rolling landscape. The route covers stretches of the Macmillan Way, the Knightley Way and Nene Way, passes across fields, through woods and beautiful villages and along the Grand Union Canal and is wonderfully varied.

In addition, alternative distances are available being single loop 11, 13 and 15 mile options so that the widest possible number of participants can enjoy the day.

There are manned Check Points throughout which provide refreshments and there is an after-event meal served from the Village Hall. In addition, there is a FREE Beer (or soft drink alternative) to enjoy with the meal.

Achievements to date:

This is truly a community event and - thanks to the fantastic involvement each year of so many volunteers making each of the annual Foot Fests such a success - since the first event in 2009 approximately 1,000 entrants from all over the country have taken part and over £12,500 has been raised allowing us to support various community-based institutions and local inhabitants. To date these include:

  • Stage lighting for the Farthingstone actors in the Village Hall
  • Donation towards the Farthingstone Cricket Club House
  • Lawn mower for Joy Mead
  • Outdoor games for the Joy Mead
  • Tuning of the organ in St Marys Church
  • Kick-starting money for the excellent 'Farthingstone's Got Talent' event
  • Donation to a village student for support towards working in an African Orphanage
  • Kick-starting money for the formation of the Farthingstone Cricket Club
  • A new play area with balance beams for the kids
  • A beautiful new bench for walkers to rest on
  • Public Address System for indoor and outdoor events for use by the Village Hall and Joy Mead
  • Lighting for the Joy Mead

    Money has also been raised each year, through entrant sponsorship efforts, for national institutions including:
  • MacMillan Nurses
  • Unicef
  • Alzheimers Society

Community Support:

If you have a local project in mind that you believe can be assisted with or funded by the FFF funds, please contact any member of the FFF committee:

  • Debbie Mason
  • Andy de Hutiray            
  • Chris FitzGerald
  • Becky Chambers
  • Peter Stanton




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